City Secretary

The City Secretary is an officer of the city, appointed by the City Council and working under the supervision of the City Administrator. The position of the City Secretary is a statutory position required by state law. The City Secretary serves as the supervisor of the Municipal Court and is committed to delivering exceptional service to the residents of Hutchins, City Council, and Staff, focusing on areas of responsibility, assisting with the resolution of issues, and producing outcomes that positively reflect priorities for the City.

In addition to statutory duties, other responsibilities of the City Secretary include:

  • Providing support to the City Council, City Administrator, and City Staff
  • Serving as the Election Officer for City Elections
  • Coordinating City board and commission’s appointments 
  • Countersigning and notarizing all commissions, licenses, and contracts issued by the City
  • Maintaining official City records 
  • Maintaining the City's Code of Ordinances
  • Processing public information requests 
  • Providing general public service information to citizens and visitors 
  • Recording and maintaining City Council minutes, resolutions and ordinances
  • Preparing and posting City Council agendas and other board agendas as required by the Open Meetings Act
  • Attending all meetings in which the City Council is the governing body 
  • Certifying and attesting signatures to all official City documents 
  • Serving as the Administrative Officer for the Records Management Program for city departments to include maintenance, storage, retention, destruction, and preservation per the guidelines of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission
  • Serving as Public Information Officer for all Public Records Requests
  • Performing Oaths of Office
  • Coordinating the appointment process for the City's boards, commissions, and committees