Finance Department

The mission of the Finance Department is to safely and securely manage the assets of the City while cultivating an openly engaging environment for the citizens of Hutchins on the sources and uses of the City’s funds. Maintaining financial integrity, providing sound financial policies, auditing and budgeting services to each department within the City is of utmost importance so that goals can be accomplished.

The Finance Department is responsible for managing the City's financial affairs and functions including administration, financial system administration, accounting, accounts payable, audit and investments, budgeting, payroll, grant accounting, treasury, debt management, taxation, long-range financial planning, housing and grants administration, revenue collections, and Utility Billing.


The City of Hutchins is committed to financial transparency. Accountability and financial transparency are hallmarks of a well ran government, which is why the City Council has made government transparency one of its priorities. The city has developed a Financial Transparency webpage designed to provide citizens quick and centralized access to financial information. On this page, you will find budgets, official statements, audited financials, payment registers, utility rates, capital projects listing, and various other financial documents.