Public Works

The Department of Public Works (PW) has a total staff of eleven (11) employees consisting of a City Engineer, Assistant PW Director, Operations Manager, two Crew Leaders, eight Maintenance Workers, a mechanic, and a Building Custodian.  



Public Works focuses on implementing new engineering projects and improvements. The Department has the responsibility for ensuring the safety of, and maintaining the condition of, streets, sidewalks, right of ways, storm drains, and parks.

Specific services that Public Works provides include:

  • Street Maintenance (pothole patching, crack sealing, asphalt paving)
  • Maintenance of public buildings, parks, and sidewalks
  • Traffic Control, signage, street striping
  • Mowing (roadside, parks, facilities) and tree trimming
  • Storm Water drainage, unplugging drains, emergency storm cleanup
  • Street Construction Projects
  • Oversight (water and sanitary sewer systems, refuse collection, street sweeping, storm water management, consulting engineering, and street and sidewalk projects)