Keep Hutchins Beautiful Advisory Board

The Board’s purpose is preserving and enhancing the City’s natural environment and quality of life for citizens living and working within the City of Hutchins, by conducting community activities promoting Keep Texas Beautiful programs involving litter prevention, minimization of solid waste, beautification, education, and general community improvement regarding the natural surrounding environment. 

  • Composed of seven (7) regular voting members and three (3) alternate members designated by places 1 through 7 and three (3) non-voting student members selected by the Board members. 
  • The members shall serve two (2) year terms with a six year term limit; three (3) members alternating one year and four (4) members the following year. 
  • Student members are selected for a school-year term. 
  • Members shall have resided within the corporate limits of the city for at least one (1) year. 
  • Continue residency or own and/or operate a business in the city during the term of office.
  • Demonstrate their civic interest, general knowledge of the City while understanding the importance of maintaining the environment and beautification, independent judgment, and the ability and availability to prepare for and attend regular meetings. 
  • Regular meetings shall be held monthly


This is a new board, and we are looking for members. If you are interested, apply online here.