Parks & Recreation Board

The Parks and Recreation Board is an advisory committee to the City Council on present and future parks and program development and on use policy for the parks and recreation system. This includes the acquisition, development, improvement, equipment, and maintenance of all parks, public playgrounds, athletic fields, and other recreation facilities and activities on any of the properties owned or controlled by the city. The board works with city staff and volunteers to hold free, annual events including an East Egg Hunt, Movie in the Park, Fall Fest, and a Christmas Parade.

The Parks and Recreation Board shall be composed of six (6) members. 

  • Composed of five (5) regular members and two (2) alternates.
  • Members serve two-year terms, three (3) of which expire in even numbered years, and the other three (3) expire in odd numbered years. 
  • Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.


Name Position Reg/Alt Place Term Expires
Gardner, Cecile Vice Chair Reg, Pl 1 2023
Gilliam, Huell   Reg, Pl 2 2024
Landry, Dana   Reg, Pl 3 2023
Fisher, Carl   Reg, Pl 4 2024
Campbell, Brenda Chair Reg, Pl 5 2023
Odom, Demarcus   A1 2023
McCowan, Alicia   A2 2024