RFP - Professional Marketing Services - Rebranding Initiative

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Photo of the watertower that says Hutchins on it, against the blue sky with a small white cloud

The City of Hutchins, Texas is soliciting sealed proposals for its Professional Marketing Services – Rebranding Initiative. 

Proposal Submission: Proposals must be submitted no later than 5 PM December 15, 2023, CST.  Proposals clearly marked “Proposal for Professional Marketing Services – Rebranding Initiative” shall be submitted electronically through the City’s Bonfire E-Procurement Portal and eight (8) hard copies shall also be delivered to 321 North Main Street, PO Box 500, Hutchins, Texas 75141.

LATE PROPOSALS WILL BE REJECTED. There will not be a public opening for this proposal.

Objective: The City of Hutchins, Dallas County, Texas is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants to prepare a comprehensive branding initiative and deployment. Qualified consultants shall have experience in municipal identity/branding, strategic planning, and solid market research (both qualitative and quantitative) – including development of mission, vision, and value statements; interactive marketing; logo development and graphic standards and recommendations for deployment and tracking results. The selected consultant will interact with the City Council, City Staff and other stakeholders who have expressed interest in helping to craft and launch a coordinated branding initiative.

Selection Process: The City Staff will review proposals, attend presentations, and make a recommendation of two finalists which will interview with the Mayor and City Council Members. 

Rejection of Proposals: The City of Hutchins reserves the right to reject any and all of the responses received as a result of this RFP. The City does not intend to award a contract solely based on responses to this RFP.

To view the RFP and to create a Bonfire account, please click here.