Director of Public Works

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General Job Description

Provides for services related to Engineering, Streets and Drainage, Grounds Maintenance, Utility Construction, Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection/Treatment, and Fleet/Building Services. Manages property and easement surveys and legal descriptions. Supervises the inspection of construction projects performed by contractors for compliance with plans, specifications, and City standards. Responsible for the review of development projects and the oversight of all public infrastructure improvements. Prepares reports related to Public Works activities and performs other related duties as required.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Directs and coordinates the operations of Engineering Services, Street/Drainage Departments, Parks/Grounds Maintenance, Utility Construction, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment and Collection, Fleet/Building Services.

Monitors construction projects and contracts of the Public Works and Water and Wastewater Divisions and presents status reports of such projects to the City Administrator and City Council.

Reviews time and equipment records, work in progress, and operational schedules.

Responsible for developing short and long term goals for Public Works, Water/Wastewater Divisions, Streets, and Parks; develops methodology for obtaining goals, implements and monitors progress.

Plans, directs and coordinates the work of the employees in the Public Works Administration department.

Directs the Assistant Public Works Director in the planning and operation of the water and wastewater systems, construction projects related to utilities, planning and operation of street, drainage, grounds maintenance, parks, construction projects, building and fleet services.

Determines scope of engineering projects; prepares Request for Proposals and contracts for consulting engineers.

Attends various City administrative meetings (i.e., all City Council meetings, and other meetings as needed).

Responds to concerns and inquiries from both the public and private sector, communicating all aspects of public works as requested.

Prepares and performs verbal and written presentations to City Administrator, City Staff, Boards, Commissions and City Council as required.

Reviews and evaluates plans and specifications, reports and studies, and various drawings/diagrams for the purpose of checking for accuracy, to provide recommendations, and to provide approval.

Reviews subdivision plans from design through the construction phase.

Hears and provides resolution to engineering, public works, construction, and personnel issues that occur.

Works closely with other department heads, engineers, developers, and contractors regarding public works activities and projects.

Research subjects and compiles and assimilates data and information into various special studies and reports to address issues and programs for the City.

Plans, develops and implements annual maintenance programs; operating/capital improvement budget(s), and monitors cost/expenditures to ensure adherence to such, as well as established project financial goals and objectives.

Interacts with various regulatory and governmental agencies, and consults various data sources concerning engineering standards, regulatory compliance and requirements for development activities.

Performs onsite field inspections when conflicts and/or disputes occur.

Maintains current knowledge of trends and developments in the field, and facilitates application of such to department policy and procedure as appropriate.

Read recent developments, current literature and sources of information regarding public works.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Construction Management, Public Administration or related field and a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in municipal public works, or any equivalent combination of education, experience, and training. Proven experience related to team management.

Licenses and Certifications

Registration as a Professional Engineer by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers.

Possession of valid driver’s license.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Comprehensive knowledge of modern principles and practices of public works administration; thorough knowledge of the federal, state and local ordinances, laws and regulations relating to departmental activities; thorough knowledge of principles of effective administration, to include planning, directing, evaluation and coordinating; thorough knowledge of effective supervisory principles and techniques; thorough knowledge of principles and practices employed in budget development, implementation and administration; thorough knowledge of report and record maintenance principles and practices; thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of public works as applied to the administration of diversified development activities; considerable knowledge of research principles and the various sources of data and information concerning municipal/governmental statistics and administration.

Skill in both verbal and written communications for effective expression of concepts and ideas and clarity in task assignment; ability to conduct verbal or written presentations to all levels of City employees, elected officials and general public; ability to establish and maintain effective communication and working relationships with City administrative personnel, subordinate personnel and outside organizations and agencies; ability to plan, assign, supervise and review the work of a large staff of subordinates and to provide direction and recommendation on difficult procedural and administrative problems; ability to develop and implement departmental policy and procedure; ability to design and supervise the construction inspection of complex public works projects.

Starting salary $130,000 DOQ