Police Officer

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General Job Description

To perform routine patrol and law enforcement duties including responding to calls, enforcing traffic laws, communicating with citizens, arresting suspects and preparing reports. Maintains appearance and operation of patrol vehicle and equipment. Responds to and investigates traffic accidents and provides traffic control. Provides information to the public and community on crime prevention.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Conducts routine patrol in designated areas by vehicle and on foot.

Establishes open communications and the presence of law enforcement within the community.

Responds to calls for police service and acts upon observing a circumstance or situation requiring policy attention.

Interviews witnesses, victims, suspects and arrested persons to obtain pertinent information concerning accidents/crimes.

Responds to burglar alarms, fire alarms and robbery in progress calls; performs security checks of buildings and homes.

Assists emergency medical and fire personnel as needed.

Conducts crime scene investigations (i.e., identifies and collects crucial evidence to be secured for processing, handles evidence in a manner to protect chain of custody).

Enforces state and local traffic laws to ensure safety, investigates motor vehicle accidents and protects lives and property at motor vehicle accident scenes.

Identifies and issues citations or makes arrest of violators of misdemeanor offenses.

Enforces laws and apprehends misdemeanor and felony violators and fugitives; arrests and transports persons found to have committed a criminal act.

Testifies in courtroom proceedings.

Performs report and record maintenance duties (i.e., offense reports, crime reports, statements, arrest reports, warrants, mileage sheets, impound records, fingerprint cards).

Attends in-service training to maintain current knowledge of changes in laws, new methods of enforcement and other trends and developments in law enforcement.

Jailer duties which include feeding, booking, arraigning and releasing.

Assist with community events and special projects (i.e., National Night Out, Harvest Fest, summer learning programs, crime prevention events, citizens police academy).

Education and Experience

High School Diploma or GED

Licenses and Certificates

Possession of a valid driver’s license

Basic Certification from the Teas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of:

The principles, methods, materials, equipment and techniques of police officers.

Crime scene procedures.

Recent developments, current literature and sources of information on police operations.

State and federal statutes and case law covering contraband, drugs and the use of physical evidence in court; the rules of criminal procedures concerning time limits, discovery, evidence and expert witnesses.

Police Department policies, procedures, rules, regulations and unit functions.

Occupational hazards and standard safety precautions.

Office procedures, methods and equipment including computers and applicable software applications.

Customer service principles and techniques.

English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Skill in:

Dealing effectively with diverse groups.

Effective written and oral communication.

Gaining information from cooperative and uncooperative interviewees.

Using departmental computer system(s) to enter and retrieve information.

Interpersonal relations.

Conflict resolution.

Operation of an emergency vehicle and its equipment, police radio, portable phones and other equipment as assigned.

Ability to:

Prepare clear and concise police reports.

Interpret, apply and make decisions in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws, policies and regulations.

Analyze emergency situations and adopt quick, reasonable and effective courses of action.

Respond to requests and inquiries from the general public.

Always maintain a calm and professional demeanor.

Participate in the high level of customer service to internal and external customers.

Operate office equipment including computers and supporting word processing software applications.

Demonstrate an awareness and appreciation of the cultural diversity of the community.

Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with the general public, co-workers, elected and appointed officials and members of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, political affiliation, familial status, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, or gender identity and expression.

Starting pay $60,953.49 DOE