City Administration

The City Administrator oversees all administrative tasks necessary for City operations. Hired by the City Council, the City Administrator supervises City departments, maintains the City budget, and represents the municipality in a variety of settings. He researches issues important to the City and advises the Mayor and Council on the best course of action.

Duties of the City Administrator include:

  • Supervising enforcement and execution of the Code of Ordinances, City policies, and City Council directives
  • Providing general supervision and direction of the administration of the City government
  • Employing persons for positions which have been approved by the City Council
  • Obtaining specialized and professional services deemed necessary by the City Council
  • Preparing and assembling the department heads’ proposed budgets
  • Assisting the City Council in establishing long-range goals for the City
  • Representing the City in all negotiations properly entered into in accordance with law or ordinance
  • Promoting good relations with the citizens of Hutchins and its civic organizations to ensure that citizens’ complaints, inquiries, and needs are given prompt attention and a timely response