Demarcus Odom

Photo of Council Member Demarcus Odom
Council Member

Demarcus Odom was elected to Hutchins City Council to serve his 2nd term in May 2019, after years of working as an advocate for racial and social justice. He has been a member of several organizations and boards including the City of Hutchins Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) Board, Wilmer-Hutchins Advisory Board, Dallas Chapter for the NAACP Member, and the Phi Sigma Fraternity. He is also a Leadership Southwest Graduate and a current Leadership Southwest board member.

Demarcus was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, where he attended H. Grady Spruce High School. After completing four years of distinguished service in the Navy, he went on to earn a BS in Computer Science from Florida State University.

With over 25 years of experience, Demarcus has spent most of his adult life in the Computer/Engineering field, working on various levels ranging from Manufacturing to Telecommunications.

Demarcus has been married to his wife, Larocha White Odom, for 18 years and they have an 18-year-old daughter attending Texas Tech University.

He says, “Thank you for the opportunity to serve as one of your City Councilmembers, for the City of Hutchins, Texas. For 17 years I have called Hutchins my home. I am committed to this amazing community. You can count on my forward-thinking and visionary leadership, and the core values of faith, integrity, and fiscal accountability that guide me every day."

“It is an esteemed honor to be part of the City of Hutchins leadership to promote viable policy and prudent stewardship for public well-being. We are strongest when drawing upon the different experiences, skill sets, and backgrounds of those that govern the most critical functions and have a pinpoint focus on building a sense of community. However, we need your support to do what we are charged to do. Your feedback, contributions and participation will be crucial to help develop and implement initiatives to enhance and maintain our city as an ideal place to live.”


Term Expires: May 2025