Senior Staff

Photo of James Quin, City Administrator
James Quin City Administrator (972) 225-6121
Photo of Stacey Hickson, Fire Chief
Stacey Hickson Fire Chief (972) 225-9901
Maria Joyner Finance Director (972) 225-6121 ext. 114
Photo of Cynthia Olguin, City Secretary
Cynthia Olguin City Secretary (972) 225-7435
Photo of Police Chief Steve Perry
Steve Perry Police Chief (972) 225-2225
Photo of Wanda Randle, Director of Community Services & Park Programs
Wanda Randle Director of Community Services & Parks Programs (972) 225-0439
Photo of Tim Rawlings
Tim Rawlings Building Official (972) 225-6121 ext. 111
Karen Steward, Director of Human Resources
Karen Steward Director of Human Resources (972) 225-6121 ext. 115
Photo of Guy Brown, Economic Development Director
Guy Brown Economic Development Director (972) 225-4449