Economic Development

The Hutchins Economic Development Corporation was formed with the mission of promoting a diversified and comprehensible economic climate that will stimulate growth in our city. This objective will be accomplished through new business recruitment along with assistance in retention and expansion of existing businesses.

Incorporated in 1997, the Hutchins EDC has historically focused its efforts on initiatives that facilitate manufacturing and industrial activity and have led to the creation of quality jobs. Our attraction efforts now include targeting industries tosupport these businesses as well as targeting retail establishments to support the needs of our citizens. Working closely with local, regional and state governments, the Hutchins EDC has a history of assisting employers to create winning solutions that strengthen their competitive edge.

The area's strategic location combined with reasonable land prices, plus an available workforce, makes Hutchins a model venue for progressive enterprises of to day and the future for a high quality of life.

The Hutchins Economic Development Corporation team can help you realize the benefits of locating your business in Hutchins, Texas. We provide the following services:

  • Site-selection assistance
  • Information and applications for federal, state and local financial incentives
  • Profiles on available buildings as well as Greenfield sites
  • Labor and community demographics
  • Business incentives and grants
  • One-s to p permit processing assistance

The Hutchins Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit entity funded by 4B sales tax proceeds as authorized by the State of Texas Development Corporation Act of 1979 and approved by a majority of the registered voters of the City of Hutchins.

  • Demographics


    Study Area Overview

    The population in this area is estimated to change from 51,642 to 55,651, resulting in a growth of 7.8% between 2000 and the current year. Over the next five years, the population is projected to grow by 6.2%.

    Population Dynamics

    Over 55,000 people (or about 17,500 households) live within a 10-minute drive of Hutchins' city hall.

    Within this 10-minute area, another 3,400 residents (900 households) will be added over the next 5 years, according to the latest projections from Claritas.









    2008 - 2013

    Population Growth Rate



    2008 - 2013

    Net Population Change




    Projected Population







    2008 - 2013

    Household Growth Rate



    2008 - 2013

    Net Households Change








    *Note: Distance based on drive-times from Hutchins City Hall

    Race & Ethnicity

    The population within a 10-minute drive-time of Hutchins City Hall reflects the multi-ethnic diversity of the Dallas suburban region.

    2008 Est. Population Hispanic or Latino by Origin

    Just over seventy percent (42,501) of the population in the 10-minute drive area is non-Hispanic. Hispanics make up about 30% (13,150) of the population.


    *Note: Distance based on drive-times from Hutchins City Hall

    Age Distribution

    The current year median age for this population is 32.4, while the average age is 34.3. Five years from now, the median age is projected to be 33.3.

  • Business Projects

    Business Projects

    Location, Labor, and Love!!

    Located at the Crossroads of Interstate Highways 45 and 20, more and more businesses are recognizing that Hutchins is a great place to live, work and play! There is an eager workforce of over 17,000 people within a 10 minute drive of Hutchins. The City offers an exceptionally friendly business climate and boasts one of the lowest property tax rates in Dallas County.

    Located at the Crossroads of Interstate Highways 45 and 20, more and more businesses are recognizing that Hutchins is a great place to live, work and play! There is an eager workforce of over 17,000 people within a 10 minute drive of Hutchins. The City offers an exceptionally friendly business climate and boasts one of the lowest property tax rates in Dallas County.The City of Hutchins and the Hutchins Economic Development Corporation have teamed up with businesses and other organizations that understand it makes sense to be in Hutchins. As a result of these partnerships, several projects are underway that will reshape Hutchins. Come be a part of our future.If you'd like to be a part of our future, please contact the HEDC office. We'd love to hear about your next project.Listed below are some of the projects that are in progress or have been recently completed in Hutchins.

    Projects Map

    1. FedEx Ground Expansion

    FedEx Ground, a leading small-package ground carrier and an operating company of FedEx Corporation, is in the process of a two-phase expansion in Hutchins. The 460,000-square-foot facility, already the largest ground distribution hub outside of FedEx's Memphis hub, will be expanded to 520,000-square-feet in phase one. Expansion plans in phase two includes increasing the package processing capability FedEx handles each day from 200,000 packages a day to 230,000 packages a day. It is expected that phase two will be completed in May, 2009. The company expects to hire an additional 150 package handlers and other workers to meet the new demand.

    Completion Date: May 2009


    2. ADESA Auto Auction

    ADESA's new state-of-the-art auto auction facility will be located on 175 acres on Lancaster-Hutchins Road near Wintergreen Road. The property will house three buildings totaling approximately 196,000 square feet of space for an auction arena, administrative and financial offices and reconditioning facilities. It is expected that 400 jobs will be created when the facility opens in August 2009.

    Completion Date: August 2009


    3. Lancaster-Hutchins Road Improvements

    Road: Project Includes +/- 11,270 linear feet of full depth repair and reclamation of the existing road and the construction of one (1) left turn lane and one (1) deceleration lane for the ADESA facility using 12-inch thick CSB and 3-inches of TXDOT Type C HMAC wearing surface. Sanitary Sewer: Project Includes 8,300 linear feet of 12-inch sanitary sewer along Lancaster-Hutchins Road from Cleveland Road to Witt Road; approximately1,200 linear feet of 15-inch sanitary sewer along Lancaster-Hutchins Road to east of Interstate 45. Water: Project Includes about 4,650 linear feet of 12-inch waterline along Lancaster-Hutchins Road from Hutchins Elevated Storage Tank, located on the east side of Lancaster-Hutchins Road, to Witt Road.

    Completion Date: August 2009


    4. West Wintergreen Road Improvements

    Project Includes approximately 6,450 linear feet of full depth repair and reclamation of the existing road and approximately 3,448 linear feet of 4-lane divided concrete roadway with underground drainage system.

    Completion Date: August 2009


    5. Wintergreen Overpass Project

    The Wintergreen Road Overpass is a grade separation bridge that will span the Union Pacific Railroad's main-line track at the north end of the UP's new Southern Dallas Intermodal Terminal and re-establish ingress and egress to a major portion of the City of Hutchins. The $5 million project is a result of broad community, private and public sector participation and support, led by Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, and other stakeholders in Dallas County, including the North Central Texas Council of Governments, Union Pacific Railroad, the cities of Hutchins and Wilmer, and The Allen Group. This new bridge will help restore critical circulation patterns within our community and is part of the initial infrastructure needed for the planned industrial development which will create much needed jobs in the city of Hutchins and the surrounding communities.

    Completion Date: August 2009


    6. East Wintergreen Road Improvements

    The road project will extend the concrete road surface approximately 1,180 feet from east to Fire Station #2.

    Completion Date: May 2009


    7. Fire Station Number 2

    Fire Station Number 2 is scheduled to open in December 2008. The station is located on the City's eastside at 1525 E. Wintergreen Road between IH-45 and Trout Rd. Station 2 will house Engine 2, Medic 702, and Booster 2. It will have enough room to sleep 9 including the shift officer. The $2 million facility is approximately 7,500 square-feet and is being constructed debt-free with funding from The Allen Group, The City of Hutchins and The Hutchins Economic Development Corporation.

    Completion Date: December 2008


    8. Sunrise Creek Park Improvements

    Improvements to the 8-acre park include new hike & bike trails and parking areas.

    Completion Date: July 2008


    9. La Quinta Inn & Suites

    The 40,000 square-foot La Quinta Inn and Suites currently under construction on Dowdy Ferry Road near IH-45. The four-story facility will have 68 rooms, a small conference center and a business center.

    Completion Date: August 2009


    10. Bridge Terminal Transport

    Bridge Terminal Transport, a market leader in worldwide container services, agency, logistics and terminal activities and one of the largest marine container haulers within the United States will relocate their container yard operations from an existing facility near the Love Field Airport area to East Wintergreen Road near IH-45. With close proximity to Union Pacific's Dallas Intermodal Terminal (DIT) and Interstate 45, the container yard will store inbound and outbound containers that transfer through DIT, as well as chassis and trailers for customers.

    Completion Date: March 2009

  • Business Incentives

    Business Incentives

    The City of Hutchins and the Hutchins Economic Development Corporation team understand the unique and confidential needs of businesses and developers. To facilitate and encourage development, the City offers progressive economic development incentives:

    4B Sales Tax: Hutchins has the ability to use sales tax incentives authorized under Chapter 380 of the Local Government Code to develop commercial and retail projects. These Chapter 380 Agreements allow Hutchins to attract development by refunding a portion of the sales tax the project generates back to the developer under a long-term contract. These agreements are win-win for the developer and the City. The developer receives assistance to make the project viable, and the City benefits from growth in sales tax revenue, property taxes and new jobs.

    Fast and Easy Permitting: The City of Hutchins understands the importance of taking a project from concept to reality in a timely manner. The Hutchins Economic Development Corporation will assist you to ensure that there are no roadblocks to delay your project. We will make sure that your project gets the most expedited permitting available anywhere. Here are some of the areas that we will lead the fast track permitting efforts:

    • Issuing of special use permits
    • Issuance of building permits
    • Issuances of sign permit
    • Plan review
    • Issuance of plumbing, heating, electrical permits
    • Issuance of grading permit
    • Architectural review
    • Variance
    • Zoning change

    Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ): In February 2008, the United States Foreign-Trade Board approved the expansion of FTZ-39 to include 382 acres in Hutchins. Companies can benefit from FTZs because FTZs are considered to be outside of U.S. Customs Territory for the purpose of customs duty payment. Therefore, goods entering FTZs are not subject to customs tariffs until the goods leave the zone and are formally entered into U.S. Customs Territory. Merchandise that is shipped to foreign countries from FTZs is exempt from duty payments. This provision is especially useful to firms that import components in order to manufacture finished products for export.

    Infrastructure and Other Incentives: The Hutchins Economic Development Corporation will work with you on your entire project needs including infrastructure, workforce training, waste water, roads and more. No matter how small or how large the project, we will be there to make it work for you. There is no challenge too small or too large for our team to work through for you. We have a proven track record in finding creative solutions to even the toughest challenge.

    Keep Hutchins Beautiful Grants: The Hutchins Economic Development Corporation will provide matching beautification Grants to qualified Hutchins businesses. Qualifying applicants may receive matching grant to fund projects that enhance property and provide visual improvements to their facilities. These projects may include landscaping, painting, parking improvements, signage, painting, building of facades and screening. Generally, the Hutchins Economic Development Corporation will match each project dollar for dollar up to five thousand dollars ($5000) in HEDC expenditures. An application is available for download below.

    Tax abatements and rebates: The City of Hutchins considers tax abatements and rebates to eligible developments, based upon the new tax base value the project will add to Hutchins and based upon the number and type of jobs the project will save or create. An application and further explanation of the program guidelines are provided to potential applicants.

    Tax Exempt Financing: Hutchins has the ability to partner with a local industrial development corporation to provide the conduit for issuing tax-exempt industrial revenue bonds for manufacturing company developments that meet state and federal guidelines. Potential projects are considered by the city's bond counsel.

    Texas Enterprise Zone Program: About 95 percent of the City of Hutchins has been designated as an enterprise zone by the State of Texas. The Texas Enterprise Zone Program is an economic development tool for local communities to partner with the State of Texas to promote job creation and capital investment in economically distressed areas of the state.

    Designated projects are eligible to apply for state sales and use tax refunds on purchases of all taxable items purchased for use at the qualified business site related to the project or activity. The level and amount of refund is related to the capital investment and jobs created at the qualified business site. In addition, the City of Hutchins offers incentives to participants under the enterprise zone program, such as tax abatement, tax increment financing and one-stop permitting.

    Triple Freeport Tax Exemption on In transit Goods:Hutchins has Triple Freeport, the exemption of Freeport property from taxation by all three taxing jurisdictions - The City of Hutchins, Dallas County and the Dallas Independent School District. The exemption covers goods that are detained in the state for purposes of assembling, storing, manufacturing, processing, or fabricating by the person who acquired or imported the property.

    To qualify for the exemption, the goods must be transported out of state no later than 175 days after the date that the owner acquired or imported the property. The owner must file an application with the Chief Appraiser by April 30 of each year the exemption is sought.

    The Dallas County Appraisal District provides a worksheet and application for Freeport Exemptions.

    Hutchins Incentive Applications

    Hutchins Incentive Application Guidelines

    Hutchins Incentive Application

    Keep Hutchins Beautiful Application with Instructions

    State Incentives

    The Texas Enterprise Fund: The Texas Enterprise Fund can be used for a variety of economic development projects, including infrastructure development, community development, job training programs and business incentives.

    The Texas Capital Fund Infrastructure and Real Estate Programs: These programs provide a way for an eligible applicant to receive funds to make infrastructure and/or real estate improvements to support a specific business that is expanding or beginning operations in the applicants jurisdiction. The business must create or retain jobs for Texans.

    The Skills Development Fund: The Skills Development Fund is offered through the Texas Workforce Commission and assists businesses and trade unions by financing the design and implementation of customized job training projects at public community colleges or technical colleges.

    The Emerging Technology Fund: The Emerging Technology Fund was created by the state to attract investment in cutting-edge research and technology. Projects are eligible for funding if they will result in the creation of high quality new jobs and have the potential to result in a medical or scientific breakthrough.

    For information on local or state incentives contact John Hubbard, Executive Director, Hutchins EDC at 972-225-4449 or

  • Transportation and Logistics


    Unsurpassed Highway Access

    • I-20 The primary east/west trucking corridor for the southern United States borders The Hutchins� north boundary.
    • I-35 The NAFTA Trade Corridor runs 4 miles to the west of Hutchins.
    • I-45 The direct route to the Port of Houston bisects the City of Hutchins.
    • Proposed Loop 9 The proposed multi-billion dollar highway and rail corridor will run 2 miles south of Hutchins.

    Graphic courtesy of the Allen Group

    The Trans-Texas Corridor

    The Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) is a proposed transportation network composed of a 4,000-mile network of super-corridors up to 1,200 feet wide to carry parallel links of toll ways, rails, and utility lines spanning through Texas. One of the super-corridors will pass around Dallas to the southeast, just along the southern and eastern borders of the Dallas Logistics Hub.

    The corridor will be divided into two separate elements: truck lanes and lanes for passenger vehicles. Similarly, the rail lines in the corridor will be divided among freight, commuter, and high-speed rail. Services expected to be carried in the utility corridor include water, electricity, natural gas, petroleum, fiber optic lines, and other telecommunications services. The TTC is planned to be completed over the next 50 years with routes being constructed based on demand. TxDOT will provide oversight for planning, construction, and maintenance while day-to-day operations will be performed by private companies.




    Union Pacific Dallas Intermodal Terminal (DIT)

    The Union Pacific Railroad opened its 360-acre state-of-the-art intermodal facility in 2005. Located on the west side of I-45 at Fulghum Road, the intermodal straddles the cities of Hutchins and Wilmer. The intermodal terminal is designed to process 365,000 over-the-road trailers or ocean-going containers annually.

    The Dallas Intermodal Terminal features also include:

    • One track for receiving and departure of trains.
    • Four tracks with capacity to handle 76 intermodal "double-stack" railcars for unloading.
    • Five tracks to stage railcars for unloading.
    • Four cranes guided by Global Positioning System technology that allow for more efficient and safer lifting of trailers and containers on and off the railcars. Introduced for the first time at a Union Pacific intermodal yard, the satellite-guided technology also allows for safer operation of dual cranes on parallel tracks.
    • "Damage-Free" technology that automatically provides easier handling of containers and reduces potential damage.
    • More than 4,000 "staging" or parking places for trailers and containers.
    • Advanced technology, coordinating all movement of railcars, trucks and trailers and containers at the facility.
    • Technology that decreases truck processing from four minutes to as little as 30 to 90 seconds.

    BNSF Intermodal Terminal (Proposed)

    Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad recently announced the Company has purchased 198 acres of land on the western border of Hutchins in Lancaster and Dallas. BNSF also has an option of purchasing another 164 acres from the Allen Group for a potential intermodal. If BNSF uses its option and constructs an intermodal facility, it would be the first time two intermodal facilities operated by the two largest U.S. freight rail carriers are in the same area.


    Getting to and from Hutchins by air is quick and easy!

    The City's proximity to DFW International Airport and location within the Central Time Zone is a major convenience for area businesses. With over 1,900 flights daily by 20 major airlines, business travelers are within a three-hour flight of both the east and west coasts.

    DFW provides non-stop service to 130 domestic and 38 international destinations worldwide. These direct flights reduce the travel required to efficiently conduct business.

    Constructed in 2006, DFW International Airport's two million-square-foot International Terminal D is the perfect combination of passenger convenience, amenities and access to technology. The new international terminal will ensure the safest and most pleasant travel experience of any facility in the world.

    Dallas Love Field, Dallas' inner city airport, is also convenient for area travelers, especially those traveling within Texas, or neighboring states. Love Field also supports private commercial services for corporate jets.

    In addition, the Lancaster Municipal Airport and Dallas Executive airport provide private commercial services for area businesses and service for corporate jets. Each airport is only a few minutes from Hutchins.

    Airport Locations

    Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

    • Distance from Hutchins: 34 miles
    • Airport Size: Approximately 30 square miles
    • Passenger Airlines:
    • 20 Domestic
    • 7 International
    • Passengers per year: 60 Million (2007)
    • Flights per day: 1,900
    • Parking Spaces: 40,000
    • Cargo Facilities: 18 air cargo carriers and 3 million square feet of cargo facilities on site.

    Covering more than 29.8 square miles, DFW Airport is larger than Manhattan, NY (23.7 square miles). DFW Airport is the world's third busiest airport and is the only airport in the world with three control towers.


    Dallas Love Field (DAL)

    • Distance from Hutchins: 20 miles
    • Passenger Airlines: 3 domestic airlines serving 19 cities
    • Passengers per year: 7 Million (2007)
    • Flights per day: 148
    • Parking Spaces: 7,500
    • Cargo Facilities: Seven full service fixed base operators (FBOs)

    Dallas Love Field provides the best that can be offered in a convenient, efficient airport, serving both commercial airline and corporate user needs. Located in the heart of Dallas, Cedar Springs at Mockingbird, the airfield is 20 minutes from the Downtown Convention Center, West End, Infomart, and the Dallas Market Center.


    Lancaster Municipal Airport (LNC)

    • Distance from Hutchins: Less than 2 miles
    • Airport size: 300 acres
    • Runway: Runway 13/31: 5,000 x 100 ft., Surface: Asphalt
    • Cargo Facilities: Available

    The Lancaster Municipal Airport is owned and operated by the City of Lancaster. Currently, the airport has one 5,000 x 100-foot runway. Plans for expansion include a second runway and lengthening the current airport runway to 7,500 feet and ultimately 9,000 feet. Lancaster offers a full range of FBO services.


    Dallas Executive Airport (RBD)

    • Distance from Hutchins: 14 miles
    • Airport Size: 1,040 acres
    • Runways: 2
      • Runway 13/31: 6,451 x 150 ft., Surface: Asphalt/Concrete
      • Runway 17/35: 3,800 x 150 ft., Surface: Asphalt/Concrete
    • Cargo Facilities: Available

    Dallas Executive Airport, formerly known as Redbird Airport, is a public airport located six miles southwest of the central business district (CBD) of the City of Dallas, in Dallas County, Texas, USA. The airport is used entirely for general aviation purposes and serves as a reliever airport for Dallas Love Field.



    The Dallas Logistics Hub

    Graphic courtesy of Dallas Logistics Hub

    Hutchins is home to The Dallas Logistics Hub (DHL). Almost 2,000 of the facility's 6,000 acres is located within the City's boundaries. DLH is the largest new logistics park in North America, with and is master-planned for 60 million square feet of distribution, manufacturing, office and retail developments. DHL will position Dallas as the number one trade hub in the Southwest region and serve as the primary gateway for the distribution of goods to the major population centers in the Central and Eastern United States.

    This premiere logistics park is adjacent to Union Pacific's Southern Dallas Intermodal Terminal, a potential BNSF intermodal facility, four major highway connectors (I-20, I-45, I-35 and Loop 9/Trans-Texas Corridor) and a future air cargo facility at Lancaster Airport.

    The Dallas Logistics Hub will serve as a major Inland Port for regional and national distribution.

    Learn More About The Dallas Logistics Hub

  • Education

    HUTCHINS, TX AREA - Education & Training

    Hutchins and the surrounding area is committed to providing the educational needs to train and prepare students for professional opportunities with local businesses. Recognizing the impact that transportation and logistics plays in the community, area schools offer certification programs and degrees in Logistics Management & Technology and Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


    Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) is the largest undergraduate institution in the state of Texas. DCCCD is comprised of seven colleges - Cedar Valley, Brookhaven, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake and Richland - plus the R. Jan LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunications. Together, DCCCD offers more than 100 high-demand career programs. Cedar Valley College, located just 5 miles west of City Hall in Lancaster, works closely with the City to provide training for companies and businesses located in Hutchins. Training courses range from workplace Spanish, English as a second language, to computer and high-tech skills. Continuing education for professional and occupational development is also part of the college's commitment to academic excellence and professional growth.

    Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic Development

    Located just south of downtown Dallas, The was created in 1989 as a combined effort of the Dallas County Community College District and the private business sector to support economic development in Dallas County. The Institute represents a long-term commitment to fostering job creation, retention and business development. Services ay the Bill J. Priest Institute include:

    • Contract training and assessment to meet the needs of business and industry
    • Quality career training to prepare job seekers for employment
    • Cost-shared office space and affordable support services for entrepreneurs
    • Counseling, training and information resources for managing, financing and operating small businesses
    For more information:

    Cedar Valley College Training Web Page

    Bill J. Priest Institute for Economic Development Web Page


    The University of North Texas Dallas Campus

    The University of North Texas Dallas Campus first opened its doors as an extension of the University of North Texas (Denton) in 2007. The campus sits on 264 acres near the intersection of IH-35E and IH-20 on Houston School Road and is just 15 minutes from Hutchins.

    Recently, The University of North Texas Dallas Campus achieved a critical enrollment goal in its quest to become the first public university in the City of Dallas. Administrators at the campus have announced that enrollment has reached 2,333 students. More importantly, the School announced that full-time equivalent student enrollment has risen to 1,032. Under current legislation, the UNT Dallas Campus can begin the process of forming an independent university once enrollment has reached 1,000 FTE.

    Dr. John Ellis Price, UNT System vice chancellor and CEO of the UNT Dallas Campus, said the achievement of the campus' FTE goal is "the most important accomplishment that this campus has achieved in propelling us from a branch campus to status as an independent university." Dr. Price added that "UNT at Dallas' independent status will give the university the ability to respond to the educational and workforce development needs of North Texas and the surrounding region."

    Currently the Campus offers 21 undergraduate programs and 7 graduate programs. Plans include developing degree programs in emerging fields to fill a growing number of jobs in professional fields, industry and health care.

    Paul Quinn College

    Paul Quinn College is a faith-based, four-year, undergraduate, coeducational, liberal-arts institution, affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The mission of the College is to provide a quality education that addresses the academic, social, and Christian development of students and prepares them to be servant leaders and agents of change in their communities. Furthermore, academic excellence lies at the heart of the College's mission, along with the values of integrity, responsibility, accountability, fiduciary responsibility, and appreciation of cultural diversity. Paul Quinn College is affiliated with the African Methodist Episcopal Church and is located about 4 miles north of Hutchins on Simpson Stuart Road in Dallas.

    The College enrolls about 700 students which allows for one-on-one communication with the faculty. This past year, there were 26 full-time and 43 part-time faculty members. The college offers programs in Business Administration, Computer Science, Education, Engineering Technology, Legal Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Biology, Religion and Organizational Management. The College offers on-campus student dormitories, an on-campus bookstore, computer labs, varsity athletics, intramural sports, student clubs, and Honor Societies, and a host of extracurricular activities. Several social and educational experiences are offered through the Miss Paul Quinn pageant, Honors Convocation, Homecoming Activities, Honda Campus All Star Challenge, Community Service and Service Learning projects. The College also offers on-campus job fairs, career planning workshops, leadership seminars, and a guest lecture series featuring prominent, local community leaders and entrepreneurs.

    For more information:

    Paul Quinn College Web Page


    Other Area Colleges and Universities

    Baylor College of Dentistry - - 12 miles

    Dallas Baptist University - - 19 miles

    El Centro College - - 13 miles

    Mountain View College - - 20 miles

    North Lake College - - 24 miles

    Northwood University - - 19 miles

    Parker College of Chiropractic - - 19 miles

    Southern Methodist University - - 16 miles

    The Universities Center at Dallas - - 13 miles

    University of Dallas - - 22 miles

    University of Texas at Arlington - - 29 miles

    University of Texas at Dallas - - 29 miles

    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - - 20 miles

  • Community Profile


    Hutchins is located at the intersections of IH-45 and IH-20, approximately 10 miles south of downtown Dallas in southern Dallas County. Settlement in Hutchins began around 1860, as the City became the trading place for settlers along the west bank of the river and new arrivals who crossed the Trinity River at Dowdy's Ferry from the east.

    The town was named for William J. Hutchins, one of the promoters of the Houston and Texas Central Railway, which was completed through Hutchins in 1872. At that time the community had gins, a gristmill, several general stores, a school, and a church. Hutchins also had a post office by the end of 1872.

    In 1884 it had a population of 250, three general stores, three gins, two gristmills, one sawmill, three doctors, and a wagon maker. By 1890 the population had grown to 300. It was 204 in 1904 and 500 in 1926. It remained steady until 1952, when it was 741, and then rose to 1,100 by 1961.

    Today Hutchins has a population of about 3,500. Additionally, over 55,000 residents live within a 10-minute drive of City Hall. Hutchins is home to one of the largest FedEx Ground facilities in the U.S., the Union Pacific Intermodal and the Dallas Logistics Hub. Hutchins boasts two parks, a community center and a library.

    Household Income

      5-Minute* 10-Minute*
    Number of Households 713 17,525
    2008 Est. Average Household Income $43,130 $39,866
    2008 Est. Median Household Income $37,287 $30,088
    2008 Est. Per Capita Income $13,408 $13,269

    2008 Estimated Tenure of Occupied Housing Units

    Occupied Housing Valuation

      5-Minute* 10-Minute*
    Owner Occupied Housing 591 10,460
    Median Owner Occupied Housing Value $54,937 $63,791

    Housing Units by Structure

      5-Minute* 10-Minute*
    Total Number of Units 875 % 20,909 %
    1 Unit Attached 17 2 534 3
    1 Unit Detached 452 52 13,491 65
    2 Units 1 <1 345 2
    3 to 19 Units 7 1 2,888 14
    20 to 49 Units 0 0 471 2
    50 or More Units 0 0 1,961 9
    Mobile Home or Trailer 397 45 1,187 6
    Boat, RV, Van, etc. 1 <1 31 <1


    *Note: Distance based on drive-times from Hutchins City Hall

  • Labor Force

    HUTCHINS, TX AREA - Labor Force

    Study Area Overview

    For this area, 34.8% of the population is estimated to be employed and age 16 and over for the current year. The employment status of this labor force is as follows: 47.2% are employed civilians, 6.9% are unemployed civilians, and 45.9% are not in the labor force. None of the population is in the Armed Forces.


    Within this 10-minute area, Currently, it is estimated that 2.3% of the population age 25 and over in this area had earned a Master's, Professional, or Doctorate Degree and 5.5% had earned a Bachelor's Degree.

    About 65% of the population age 25 and over possesses a High School Diploma, GED, or better.

      5- Minute* 10-Minute*
        %   %
    Less than 9th Grade 193 10.80 3,890 11.57
    Some High School, no diploma 397 22.22 7,807 23.21
    High School Graduate (or GED) 673 37.66 11,449 34.04
    Some College, no degree 371 20.76 6,672 19.84
    Associate Degree 74 4.14 1,180 3.51
    Bachelor�s Degree 60 3.36 1,850 5.50
    Master�s Degree 16 0.90 640 1,90
    Professional School Degree 2 0.11 67 0.20
    Doctorate Degree 0 0 80 0.24

    *Note: Distance based on drive-times from Hutchins City Hall

      5-Minute* 10-Minute*
    WORKER CLASS   %   %
    For-Profit Private Workers 658 76.51 14,207 73.37
    Non-Profit Private Workers 30 3.49 860 4.44
    Local Government Workers 63 7.33 1,532 7.91
    State Government Workers 27 3.14 719 3.71
    Federal Government Workers 30 3.49 829 4.28
    Self-Employed Workers 52 6.05 1,162 6.00
    Non-Paid Family Workers 0 0.00 54 0.28

    *Note: Distance based on drive-times from Hutchins City Hall

    Employment - By Occupation, 16 years and Older

    For the civilian employed population age 16 and over in this area, it is estimated that they are employed in the following occupational categories:

    Almost 8 % are in "Management, Business, and Financial Operations", 10.3% are in "Professional and Related Occupations", 18.2% are in "Service", and 30.8% are in "Sales and Office". "Farming, Fishing, and Forestry" has 0.2% of the workers, 12.4% are in "Construction, Extraction, and Maintenance". Twenty percent of area workers are in "Production, Transportation, and Material Moving".

      5-Minute* 10-Minute*
    OCCUPATION   %   %
    Management, Business, and Financial Operations 58 6.74 1,469 7.59
    Professional and Related Occupations 60 6.98 1,992 10.29
    Service 138 16.05 3,517 18.16
    Sales and Office 256 29.77 5,957 30.76
    Farming, Fishing, and Forestry 0 0.00 40 0.21
    Construction, Extraction and Maintenance 133 15.47 2,392 12.35
    Production, Transportation and Material Moving 215 25.00 3,997 20.64

    *Note: Distance based on drive-times from Hutchins City Hall

    Employment By Occupation Classification, 16 years and Older

    Within a 10-minute drive-time of Hutchins City Hall, 33.0% of the population have occupation type blue collar, 48.5% are white collar, and 18.5% are Service & farm workers.

    *Note: Distance based on drive-times from Hutchins City Hall

  • Gap Analysis

    HUTCHINS, TX AREA - Retail Gap Analysis


    All members of a community have money to spend. Every household is a consumer of retail products since it must buy food, clothing, and other everyday items. Those retail dollars either stay within the local economy or they leave the local economy. If dollars remain in the local economy, the benefits associated with them will also remain.

    Gap analysis is a technique for identifying the strengths and weaknesses in a local retail market. Essentially, the analysis estimates how many shoppers are coming to a community to purchase retail items.

    Survey Area Map

    Retail Categories

    Building Materials, Garden Supply and Mobile Homes

    Making up the building materials category are lumberyards, hardware stores, paint stores, nursery stores, garden and lawn supplies, mobile home dealers and other miscellaneous materials stores. This sector holds a strong lure for farmers, many who will conduct other shopping in town, along with keeping local do-it-yourselfers in the community to shop.

    General Merchandise Stores

    The general merchandise category consists primarily of department stores (i.e. Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney, Sears) and variety stores (i.e. Dollar General, Family Dollar). Comparable to anchor stores in a shopping mall, these department and variety stores, play an important role in communities and are strong attractants to shoppers.

    Food Stores

    The food store category is comprised primarily of grocery stores, but also includes bakeries, meat and fish markets, fruit and vegetable markets, dairy product stores, candy and confectionery stores and miscellaneous food stores. This category is extremely important to a healthy retail sector as customers spend more money in grocery stores and shop there more often than any other type of store.

    Automobile Dealers and Gasoline Service Stations

    New and used car dealers, auto supply stores, gasoline service stations, boat dealers, motorcycle dealers and recreational vehicle dealers make up the automotive retail category.

    Apparel and Accessory Stores

    Apparel stores are made up of men's, women's and children's clothing stores as well as shoe stores. Small towns have a challenge of sustaining these types of stores due to the extreme competition from department stores and stores in larger cities. In today's environment, apparel stores exhibiting strong customer service and a family-oriented atmosphere will have the best opportunity for success in smaller towns.

    Home Furniture, Furnishings and Appliances

    This category includes furniture stores, floor covering stores, major appliance stores, music, video, CD stores and consumer electronics stores.

    Eating and Drinking

    This category consists of restaurants, taverns and bars and is a rapidly growing part of most economies since more and more people are eating away from home.

    Miscellaneous Retail

    This miscellaneous sector includes different 'specialty' retail business that could not logically be categorized into the previous retail groups. Drug stores, sporting goods stores, book stores, liquor stores, sporting goods, hobby and craft stores, game shops and jewelry and others are included in this category.

  • Major Businesses

    HUTCHINS, TX AREA - Top Businesses

    Hutchins is rapidly becoming a location of choice, attracting major national companies like FedEx Ground and Union Pacific's Dallas Intermodal Terminal. Recently ADESA, North America's premier vehicle auction operator, announced their relocation to a 175-acre facility to be built in Hutchins. With ongoing growth, our proximity to downtown Dallas, commercial, retail, industrial, and a host of other economic sectors will continue to expand in the region.

    Below is a listing of some major employers in Hutchins:


    FedEx Ground, a leading small -package ground carrier and an operating company of FedEx Corporation, is in the process of a two-phase expansion in Hutchins.

    The 460,000-square-foot facility, already the largest ground distribution hub outside of FedEx's Memphis hub, will be expanded to 520,000-square-feet in phase one. Expansion plans in phase two includes increasing the package processing capability FedEx handles each day from 200,000 packages a day to 230,000 packages a day. It is expected that phase two will be completed in May, 2009. The company expects to hire an additional 150 package handlers and other workers to meet the new demand.

    Allied Waste
    1450 E. Cleveland Road
    Hutchins, TX 75141-4004
    Phone: 972-225-4207
    Contact: John Covington, Manager
    Number of Employees: 200
    NAICS: 56211901
    Description: Other Waste Collection

    American Air Filter
    302 Nichols Drive
    Hutchins, TX 75141-4066
    Phone: 469-941-3200
    Fax: 469-941-3234
    Toll Free: 888-223-2003
    Contact: Mike Biessener, Plant Manager
    Year Established: 1976
    Number of Employees: 100
    NAICS: 33341104
    Description: Air Purification Equipment Manufacturing

    Best Bumper Supply
    415 N. IH-45
    Hutchins, TX 75141
    Phone: 972-225-1852
    Fax: 972-225-4323
    Toll Free: 800-727-1862
    Contact: Glenn Coterill, President
    Number of Employees: 75
    NAICS: 44131005
    Description: Automotive Parts & Accessories Stores

    Brock's Board Packaging
    1520 E. Wintergreen Road
    Hutchins, TX 75141
    Phone: 972-225-9354
    Fax: 972-225-4446
    Toll Free: 800-862-4512
    Contact: Marty Rouvaldt, Manager
    Number of Employees: 50
    NAICS: 32222101
    Description: Coated & Laminated Packaging Materials Manufacturing

    Carl's Jr
    2000 S. IH-45
    Hutchins, TX 75141-4256
    Phone: 972-225-3108
    Fax: 972-225-3532
    Contact: Ken Altman, Manager
    Number of Employees:
    NAICS: 72211019
    Description: Full Service Restaurants

    Cary Products
    101 Lancaster-Hutchins Road
    Hutchins, TX 75141-3061
    Phone: 972-225-4207
    Fax: 972-225-4271
    Toll Free: 888-420-8861
    Contact: Frank Haas, CEO
    Year Established: 1946
    Number of Employees: 90
    NAICS: 32619910
    Description: All Other Plastics Products Manufacturing

    City of Hutchins
    103 E. Main Street
    Hutchins, TX 75141
    Phone: 972-225-6121
    Fax: 972-225-5559
    Contact: Artis Johnson, Mayor
    Contact: Janis Daniels, City Secretary
    Number of Employees: 70
    NAICS: 921190
    Description: General Public Administration

    Consolidated Casting Corporation
    1501 S. IH-45
    Hutchins, TX 75141
    Phone: 972-225-4271
    Fax: 972-225-2970
    Contact: Richard Grant, CEO
    Year Established: 1986
    Number of Employees: 250
    NAICS: 33151201
    Description: Steel Investment Foundries

    Consolidated Express Document
    601 S. IH-45
    Hutchins, TX 75141-4194
    Phone: 972-225-0200
    Fax: 972-225-0249
    Toll Free: 800-234-6350
    Contact: Scott Harmon, Plant Manager
    Number of Employees: 100
    NAICS: 33151201
    Description: Manifold Business Forms Printing

    Dallas County Juvenile Detention Facilities
    1508 E. Langdon Road
    Hutchins, TX 75141
    Phone: 214-653-7930
    Contact: Sam Quattrochi, Superintendent
    Number of Employees: 170
    NAICS: 922140
    Description: Detention Centers

    Dallas County Sheriff Southeast Patrol Office
    1514 E. Langdon Road
    Hutchins, TX 75141
    Phone: 214-357-9818
    Contact: Lupe Valdez, Sherriff
    Number of Employees: 164
    NAICS: 922120
    Description: Sheriffs' Offices (except court functions only)

    Data Documents
    601 S. IH-45
    Hutchins, TX 75141-4194
    Phone: 972-225-0600
    Fax: 972-225-9032
    Toll Free: 800-808-6972
    Contact: Scott Harmon, Plant Manager
    Number of Employees: 60
    NAICS: 453210
    Description: Office Supply Stores

    Dietrich Industries, Inc.
    1012 W. Wintergreen Road
    Hutchins, TX 75141-3715
    Phone: 972-225-1100
    Contact: Randy Rose, Plant Manager
    Year Established: 1957
    Number of Employees: 50
    NAICS: 32191801
    Description: Other Millwork, Including Flooring

    Duncan Disposal
    1220 Dowdy Ferry Road
    Hutchins, TX 75141-4023
    Phone: 972-225-5252
    Contact: Gary Brown, Manager
    Number of Employees: 116
    NAICS: 56211901
    Description: Other Waste Collection

    Eagle National Steel
    540 Skyline Dr
    Hutchins, TX 75141
    Phone: 972-225-8138
    Fax: 972-225-7407
    Toll Free: 800-214-3245
    Number of Employees: 45
    NAICS: 42351036
    Description: Metal Merchant Wholesale

    FedEx Ground
    1101 E. Cleveland Road
    Hutchins, TX 75141
    Toll Free: 800-463-3339
    Contact: David Sullivan, President & CEO
    Number of Employees: 750
    NAICS: 492110

    Hutchins State Jail
    1500 E. Cleveland Road
    Hutchins, TX 75141
    Phone: 972-225-1304
    Contact: Tina Carmona, Senior Warden
    Year Established: 1995
    Number of Employees: 429
    NAICS: 922140
    Description: Correctional Facilities

    Texas Department of Transportation
    505 S. IH-45
    Hutchins, TX 75141-4193
    Phone: 972-225-2326
    Fax: 972-225-9121
    Contact: Gary Moonshower, Manager
    Number of Employees: 50
    NAICS: 96212002
    Description: Transportation Administration

    Trinity Utility Service, Inc.
    1415 Skyline drive
    Hutchins, TX 75141
    Phone: 972-225-48142
    Fax: 972-225-8145
    Contact: Jim Billman, President
    Number of Employees: 100
    NAICS: 23899018
    Description: All Other Specialty Trade Controls

    Unilever U.S., Inc.
    201 Sunridge Blvd
    Wilmer, TX 75172
    Phone: 972-290-8080
    Contact: Rick Brazelton, Human Resources Manager
    Year Established: 2009
    Number of Employees: 100
    NAICS: 49411006
    Description: General Warehousing & Storage

    Union Pacific Railroad Dallas Intermodal Terminal
    3701 S. IH-45
    Wilmer/Hutchins, TX 75172
    Toll Free: 800-877-5123
    Fax: 972-441-6725
    Toll Free Fax: 800-228-9615
    Contact: Wink Mylar, Senior Engineer
    Number of Employees: 200
    NAICS: 488210
    Description: Railroad Terminals

  • Taxes


    General Information on Taxes in Texas

    Texas has one of the nation's least-burdensome tax climates, according to an annual report from the Tax Foundation. Texas ranks 43rd on the list of state-by-state tax environments, with No. 1 being the worst.

    The Washington D.C. anti-tax group's 2008 study evaluated states by the state and local taxes paid by residents, dividing the amount by total state income to compute a tax burden measure. According to its report, Texas taxpayers pay 8.4 percent of their income in state and local taxes, including taxes paid to other states, or $3,580 per capita. Nationally, citizens on average paid 9.7 percent of their income in state and local taxes.

    State Taxes

    State Sales Tax: State sales tax is 6.25%; Hutchins local sales tax is 2.0%.(food, prescription and non-prescription drugs exempt); total local plus state sales rate is 8.25%.


    Gasoline Tax: 20 cents/gallon

    Diesel Fuel Tax: 20 cents/gallon

    Cigarette Tax: $1.41 cents/pack of 20

    Personal Income Taxes: No state personal income tax

    Retirement Income: Not taxed.

    Property Taxes

    Property tax is imposed by local taxing units. For homeowners 65 and older, $10,000 (in addition to the regular $15,000 homestead exemption) of the property's assessed value is exempt from school taxes and $3,000 is exempt from other local taxes. Once an over-65 homeowner qualifies for an over-65 homestead exemption for school taxes, that owner gets a tax ceiling for that home on school taxes. If the homeowner improves the home (other than normal repairs or maintenance), the tax ceiling is adjusted for the new additions. School district taxes are frozen for seniors (65 and older) and disabled persons at the level imposed on the residence the first year that the taxpayer qualified for the residence exemption. Counties, cities, towns, and junior college districts are permitted to establish a tax freeze on homesteads of those age 65 and older or disabled. For more information on exemptions, click here.

    Inheritance and Estate Taxes

    There is no inheritance and the estate tax is limited and related to federal estate tax collection. For further information, visit the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts site.

    General Information on Property Taxes in Hutchins

    In the City of Hutchins there are three property taxing authorities: Dallas County, which covers services such as the county hospital, health services and community college; the Dallas Independent School District, responsible for the education of Hutchins students and the City of Hutchins.

    Dallas County. For 2009-10, the combined tax rate for Dallas County is $0.602212/$1.00 assessed valuation.

    Dallas Independent School District (DISD). In Texas, school districts are independent authorities and their district boundaries may overlap several cities. In Hutchins, the most the city is located within the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). A small portion of the City is in the Lancaster ISD. For 2009-10, the property tax rate for DISD is $1.27/$100. The property tax rate for Lancaster ISD is about $1.41/$100. Other School District property tax rates for area school districts are listed below:

    School District FY2009-10 Property Tax Rate
    DeSoto ISD 1.4900/$100
    Duncanville ISD 1.4180/$100
    Mesquite ISD 1.4200/$100

    City of Hutchins. The third taxing authority is the City of Hutchins. Along with sales tax and franchise fees, property taxes are the biggest source of revenue to provide municipal services such as police and fire protection, maintenance of city streets and city parks. At $0.563/$100, the Hutchins property tax rate is one of the lowest in Dallas County and second lowest of the IIPOD member cities.

    City Tax Rate Comparison

    SOURCE: DALLAS COUNTY CENTRAL APPAISAL DISTRICT (Rounded to nearest 1,000th cent)

    Combined Property Tax Rates

    When considering the combined property tax rate, Hutchins is among the areas lowest as well. Hutchins' combined property tax rate is $2.436/$100 valuation. Here is how Hutchins compares with other municipalities on combined property tax rates.

    Property Tax Entity Legend
    City Dallas Co. ISD

    Triple Freeport

    Hutchins has Triple Freeport, the exemption of Freeport property from taxation by all three taxing jurisdictions - The City of Hutchins, Dallas County and the Dallas Independent School District. The exemption covers goods that are detained in the state for purposes of assembling, storing, manufacturing, processing, or fabricating by the person who acquired or imported the property.

    To qualify for the exemption, the goods must be transported out of state no later than 175 days after the date that the owner acquired or imported the property. The owner must file an application with the Chief Appraiser by April 30 of each year the exemption is sought.

    The Dallas County Appraisal District provides a worksheet and application for Freeport Exemptions.

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